CalCo Design


Vertical and Horizontal Straight Stack

Keep your design simple yet elegant with a vertical or horizontal straight stack pattern. Tiles are placed on top of each other creating a tasteful pattern for flooring and shower walls. This style is limited to 4 sided tiles.

Hex Grid Layout

These geometric patterns have endless design potential. These classic shapes give incredible character to any space. Hex patterns bring out the best of both worlds with modern and retro aspects and can be used on any tile ready surface.


Yes, we always think of that oil and gas company too. Chevron is an arrow shaped pattern like herringbone. The primary difference is that chevron tiles are cut at a 45-degree angle while herringbone tile patterns utilize 90-degree angle tiles.


Herringbone is one of our most beloved designs. If making a statement with your tile can be summed up with one design, we would pick herringbone every single time.

Brick Patterns

Tile masters and masons have been laying brick patterns for centuries. Brick patterns are the pattern of choice for those who want to keep their design simple yet elegant. They can be patterned in a 1/2 or 1/3 offset.

Chess Board Patterns

Our installers love to play chess. This classic design can add taste to any space. Typically reserved for floors, chess board patterns can be created with virtually any square tile combination.